About Dead Zed 2

Dead Zed 2 is a zombie shooting game with a lot of interesting features that everyone will enjoy. At the beginning of the game, you see a map of areas which you have to clear from zombies. Everytime you enter a new area, you have to eliminate all waves of zombies to win the level. Keep in mind that every single time you start a new level, the zombies become stronger and their number increase. You should also clear the new areas to locate other survivors and make them work for you. For example, you can assign roles to other peoples and make them hold guns, search for other people or selet other options. Keep in mind that you should also search for the new weapons, because the number of zombies increase the the weapons that you hold now can be useless in higher levels. Dead Zed 2 is one of the most awesome zombie shooting games that you may find online so have fun and play it for free at our website.

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